Response from Jeff Sprung, Candidate for Auditor, Regarding His Opponent’s Misleading Attack

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Response from Jeff Sprung, Candidate for Auditor, Regarding His Opponent’s Misleading Attacks

 Seattle- In response to a release from his opponent earlier today, candidate Jeff Sprung released the following statement:

"Mark Miloscia can complain all he wants, but the fact is that he only switched his position on defunding the office's performance audit budget after the News Tribune and others exposed his hypocrisy. I'm proud to have been the first to call for protection and restoration of these funds. This is why we need an independent auditor, and not a politician, in this important office."

 Timeline of Events:

 When asked about efforts to move $10 million from performance audit fund, Senator Miloscia defended the position to the Tacoma News Tribune:

“Now you’re seeing the fruits of the lack of trust,” said Sen. Mark Miloscia, R-Federal Way — and a candidate for auditor, “and the lack of champions standing up and saying, ‘Oh yeah, we think the state auditor’s doing well.’ That’s not the case. So this is the inevitable conclusion of Troy Kelley staying in office and allowing his agency to become a laughingstock.” (Tacoma News Tribune, 2/23/16)

The News Tribune ran an opinion piece titled “Impeach Auditor Troy Kelley, don’t punish his staff” on February 27, 2016 citing Miloscia and refuting his claims.

On February 29, 2016, Sprung released a statement blasting Miloscia for gutting the budget of an office he is running to manage, saying, “Members of both parties are trying to raid these funds, but Mark Miloscia of all people should be defending voter approved performance audits, not helping lead the charge to undercut money-saving accountability tools.” The complete release is included below.

Miloscia’s vote for the budget defunding the Auditor’s Office can be found at