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Crucible Brewing: Kyyle Cort from Superfekta In-Studio

- Thursday, September 12, 2019
Crucible Brewing: Kyyle Cort from Superfekta In-Studio

Crucible Co-Founder Dick Mergens invites Kyyle Cort of the longtime local band Superfekta into the Beer Corner. Crucible is always partnering with organizations for a good cause, and Superfekta is using their music to raise awareness about drug addiction. We learn about the special events Crucible has coming up, and how they've teamed up with Kyyle and Superfekta for a special brew to promote the band's 20 years of success. Plus, Kyyle puts on a special LIVE performance at the end of the podcast. Cheers!

Also, check out the music video for Superfekta's special song, titled "Escape". 

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