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'Everybody's Talkin' about Glen Campbell: And for good reason, too

Kayla Scofield - Tuesday, June 13, 2017
'Everybody's Talkin' about Glen Campbell: And for good reason, too

Legendary singer and songwriter Glen Campbell has always been a story-teller of sorts. The country world can vouch for that.

But his last album that was just released, titled "Adios", is a story that has his fans reaching for the tissues. It's a story unlike one he's told before. And that's to say goodbye.

"Adios" was recorded in 2012 with the help from Campbell's friend and banjo player Carl Jackson, and it also involved his talented daughter who is walking in her father's footsteps with her musical career. 

Glen Campbell recorded this album as a way of saying goodbye after his Alzheimers had progressed. Now, five years later, he is at the last stage of his disease and is unable to communicate--but those who are closest to Campbell says they think he would approve beautifully of the album release. 

According to an interview NPR had with the friends and family of Campbell, Campbell had a unique take on his disease and faced it with bravery and lots of optimism as he prepared to leave a legacy behind. 

"Glen's whole approach to having Alzheimer's was pretty much different from anything I've ever seen before," Carl Jackson said to NPR. "If he forgot something, he would laugh about it, rather than get sad. And we just went about [recording the album] that way, as a fun thing to do, and it was a total joy."

Arguably the most poignant track is titled "Everybody's Talking", a song that surprisingly hadn't been recorded until this album. Campbell performed it in 1971 on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour and in 1973 on the Sonny & Cher show. Now the words and the meaning has the country world abuzz--and his fans all around the country are saying a collective "Adios" to a brilliant mind, a great artist, and an incredible legacy.