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Brenda's SlimMe1 Diet Begins

- Tuesday, March 07, 2017
Brenda's SlimMe1 Diet Begins

Tell me if you can relate..... I'm one of those people who start off a diet with a bang. Motivated and excited, ready to get to it! I usually start on a Monday, because you know.... it's a fresh start right? By midday, I've gone off the rails and ate one of those apple fritters from Silver Cup coffee downstairs. So, now Monday's ruined. I'll start anew tomorrow. Of course I don't. Am I the only person who plays that game with themselves?

Oh and I have a membership at the YMCA I haven't used in a year. I can give you a million reasons why I haven't gone, all of them legit, trust me.

I've lost weight on Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, my own starvation plan, etc.... I've even kept the weight off a couple of times for a year or two. Then, one day I wake up and I'm chubby again. How does that happen?

When SlimMe1 approached the station and said they'd like to have a man and a woman do the diet and talk about it on the air, of course I was the first one to say "pick me"! And, then immediately had thoughts of doubt. Can I do it? Will this be like all the other failed attempts I've made over the past 20 years to keep the weight off?

I guess we'll see. I will say this, having accountability helps. Not only am I accountable to the SlimMe1 people, I feel accountable to my co-workers and others around me. I feel accountable to our KXA listeners. So, that's a good thing right?

By the way, the photo accompanying this post..... breakfast this morning.