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Disc Golf Beginner's Guide

KRKO 1380 - Thursday, April 27, 2017
Disc Golf Beginner's Guide

(Photo taken by Nathan Senff)


There are many discs that do different jobs just like golf putters.

Written by: Nathan Senff


It’s that time of year again.

The sun returns and the people of the Pacific Northwest get out and about. Spring has arrived-- and that means the season for playing Disc Golf is also here.

Disc Golf is a sport that includes a mix of golf and Ultimate Frisbee. Alex Glasgow, a Disc Golf enthusiast for 7 years, said, “Disc Golf is the same as playing golf; you have pars and holes, but it is done with a flat, round disc.”

Alex Glasgow said Disc Golf is just enough exercise for me.

Glasgow and his friend Zac Price play Disc Golf frequently and have described the sport as timeless and somewhat competitive.

Price, a Disc Golf enthusiast for about 3 years, said, “Disc Golf is a competitive sport, but it is also relaxing for me.”

Disc Golf isn’t very physically challenging. All you need is a disc or discs and a group of friends wanting to go on a refreshing walk.

Disc Golfers are known by the community as “Frolfers” or golfers with a Frisbee, but they are’nt just that.

Glasgow said Disc Golf isn’t a Frisbee thrown into a basket of chains. The discs have specific functions for long range throws, par throws and putter throws just like you have in regular golf.

Frisbees, according to Price, are made exactly the same and have same weights, but discs are made with different weights.


Zac Price loves to play Disc Golf because it allows him to be a part of a community.

Now that you know the difference between a Frisbee and a disc, here are the top three courses in Snohomish County that Glasgow and Price suggest as great starting places:

  • Beginners and moderate players should look at Mountlake Terrace Park for a family atmosphere.
  • Beginners should also consider Thornton A. Sullivan Park as a nice closely knit course.
  • Moderate to Intense players should go to Tall Firs Course in Monroe. Price highly recommends the course as a challenging, but open playing field.

Glasgow and Price have a top three list of places for newly interested Disc Golfers to get gear which are as follows:

  • Fantasy Flights in Mountlake Terrace has cheap, but multiple varieties of discs to choose from.
  • DiscGolfCenter.com has online purchases without paying for shipping.
  • Action Sports in Arlington for last minute orders is great.

The reason for such thorough thoughts about courses and where to send players is based on the atmosphere of the sport.

Glasgow points out that the culture of Disc Golf is friendly and welcoming.

Price said that Disc Golf allows him to just play and have fun.

Glasgow hammered in that the point of Disc Golf is learning about the community, playing the sport and ultimately bettering yourself.


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