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Real Men Wear Pink

- Tuesday, June 05, 2018
Real Men Wear Pink

Hi everyone, Maury here!

Seven years ago I did a live radio show at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Everett, I knew about cancer but it hadn't affected my family. That first show, we interviewed a woman who was smack dab in the middle of her fight against breast cancer.. she had no hair, was a little green looking from the chemo, and didn't look like she was feeling that well. But there she was on an early, chilly October Sunday morning supporting Making Strides, and women like her who were fighting the fight as well.

A year later I was speaking at the Strides kick off breakfast and in the audience with her daughter and husband was Meagan Farrell. Her hair grown out and looking all healthy and beautiful.

After that I was hooked, I have hosted Relay For Life in Arlington the last 7 years and am still involved in Strides, all because of Meagan and other amazing surivors who I call my friends, Robyn and Caryn. And now that A@#$%^& cancer has hit my family, my Father-in-Law Mike, and my cousins Bob and Ron have all lost their fights with cancer.

I have been the Host of Health Matters on Fox Sports 1380 since 2008. And I appear on "3 to 6 with The Fish" as "Movie With Maury" reviewing movies since 2004.

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