Stitch Mitchell

Weekday Morning Host

Born in the Midwest as the 6th of 7 children, Stitch learned at a very young age that it’s not about “me”, it’s about “us”.

Having worked in radio for 30 plus years, Stitch has hosted shows in Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle and more. He’s now having a blast in Everett as KXA’s weekday morning host from 6am to 9am. When he’s not on the air you can normally find him on the golf course or barbequing with family and friends.

What to expect on his radio show? Ideally, something that will make you laugh, ponder and of course, the best music ever recorded!

Charlye Parker

Weekend Host

KXA is a return fond home for Charlye, being that she was in Everett at KWYZ Country radio in 1975.

In 2012, Charlye retired from radio after 21 years at KHAY and returned to the North Sound because it has always been her home. She heard Classic Country KXA shortly after moving back and fell in love with country music all over again! Luckily for KXA, our fans and music was enough to get Charlye to come out of retirement to share her weekends with you.

Charlye also competes in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and is a member of CMSA and SASS.