Alaska Airlines announces exciting plans at Economic Forecast event

Kayla Scofield - Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Alaska Airlines announces exciting plans at Economic Forecast event

The Economic Forecast event of Snohomish County presented by Banner Bank took place Wednesday morning at the Lynnwood Convention Center. Elected officials, media, non-profit organizations, business leaders, and those who work and live within Snohomish County were in attendance to learn about the economic changes taking place, and how Paine Field will influence a lot of it.

The four-hour event detailed economic growth patterns, historical trends, and a future look at Snohomish county, employment rates, and what to expect as our country quickly becomes one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Perhaps one of the most exciting topics of the event though was the keynote presentation from Alaska Airlines' VP of External Relations, Diana Birkett Rakow. 

Rakow announced that although an official date hasn't been set, Paine Field's airport will be ready to take off in flight either fall or winter of this year--and Alaska Airlines is proud to facilitate 8 cities and 13 daily flights from Paine Field. The most exciting part, she says? Cutting the commute that all of us here in Snohomish county have when it comes time to fly. Although Sea Tac is 32 miles away from Everett, it can feel more like a hundred miles when you are bumper to bumper to make your flight. So now, with the 5th largest airline in the world flying right out of our city--we can cut down on the drive, lessen congestion, make trips easier and less stressful, and support the local economy. 

Big dreams and big goals are swirling in the hands of those who work with Alaska Airlines right now--but Rakow said the small things are also staying in the forefront. "We even have it on all of our badges," she said on Wednesday. "We are committed to kindness and making your experience the best it can be."

Rakow also explained that Alaska Airlines is proud to keep a northwestern vibe, whether it be the food on board, the movies they show, the electronic features they offer, or the local wines, beers, and Starbucks beverages during flights. Paine Field will also add to the great experience by offering valet parking, fine dining, and a more intimate, accessible travel hub. 

Another unique aspect of the new flights out of Paine Field is the research Alaska Airlines put into figuring out which cities and flights should be offered. Research was done for years prior on Snohomish County residents and their flying patterns and which cities are most popular amongst those who live within the county. 

"At Alaska Airlines, we will never have 'arrived'," Rakow said. "We will always be reaching and innovating."

More details are to come within the coming months and we are excited that this is just one more thing that adds to the list of why our great city of Everett really is the Jet City. Stay tuned here on 


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