Man from SnoCo Disarms, Takes Down Armed Felon While Vacationing in Utah

Bonnie Johnson - Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Man from SnoCo Disarms, Takes Down Armed Felon While Vacationing in Utah

Man from SnoCo Disarms, Takes Down Armed Felon While Vacationing in Utah

In a remarkable case of right-time-right-place, a former resident of Snohomish county with the professional acuity and background required to subdue, disarm and detain a would-be shooter just happened to be around when it was most needed.

Plans went a little awry when the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, traveled into town for a short errand while vacationing outside of Heber City, Utah. Per the witness report, he was shopping near the gun counter of the local Sportsman’s Warehouse when he first observed the suspect, identified as Jose Sosa, 28.

We now know that Sosa is a convicted felon on probation and is restricted from owning a firearm.

He reportedly requested to see the handgun, asked the price, then said “thanks” and walked away from the gun counter with it.

Moments later and a few aisles down, the man from SnoCo overheard the frantic store manager attempting to flag down Sosa by calling, “sir” repeatedly. From the witness report, “Observing that V1 (the store manager) was not armed and assuming she was not equipped to resolve the situation that I suspected was occurring; I moved to the end of the aisle she had entered. At the opposite end of the aisle, I observed S1 (Sosa) and V1 both struggling for control of a small silver revolver. S1 was holding the revolver by the handle in his right hand and appeared to have cartridges in his left hand. It appeared to me that S1 was making an attempt to load the revolver but the struggle was preventing him from doing so. S1 was not using violence against V1 to gain control of the revolver. Fearing that S1 would become violent and eventually load the revolver; I made the decision to intervene.”

“I moved down the aisle toward the scuffle. At about a jogging speed, I bumped S1 with my chest to knock him off balance, simultaneously taking hold of his right arm to direct him to the ground. Once on the ground, I pried the revolver from S1’s hand and handed it to V1 who was still standing next to us. With no viable restraints within reach I chose to apply a control hold to restrain S1 until law enforcement arrived.

Giving verbal directives and providing physical encouragement, I was able to get S1 rolled onto his stomach where I applied a flagpole control hold.”

Based off of Sosas subsequent interaction and cooperative nature, the need for the flagpole control hold was obviated, and the anonymous good Samaritan released Sosa in order to prevent positional asphyxiation. “I asked S1 If he would remain cooperative if I let him sit up. S1 said yes. I helped S1 to a sitting position on the floor.
Approximately two minutes later law enforcement arrived and took control of the situation.”

ABC, which obtained copies of the arrest report, reported that Sosa has a criminal history which includes domestic violence in the presence of a child, aggravated robbery, possession of a controlled substance, and a small array of misdemeanors.


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