Who are the Beach Watchers?

What does it take to be a Snohomish County Washington State University Extension Beach Watcher? Just a little time, a lot of passion and $175.Launched in 1989 by the WSU Island County Extension, Beach Watchers learn about... Read More.

New Business Buzz: JCS Refresh

Presented by JCS Refresh
 JCS Refresh is excited to announce that it’s open for business and proudly serving residential and commercial clients in Snohomish County and King County. About JCS Refresh Licensed, insured, and backed by over a decade of combined experience between founders, JCS Refresh offers professional pressure washing... Read More.

HOMECOMING Aims to Bring the North Sound Together

In 2020, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released the 2020 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress. The very first line reads, “On a single night in 2020, roughly 580,000 people were experiencing homelessness in the United States.”In 2012, Kristina Morris... Read More.

Look What we Found at Sorticulture

Sorticulture is underway and it's here Friday, Saturday and Sunday! From food to artists to plants to entertainment, here are some of the things the North Sound Media Team found/did! Click on the photos below for a closer look 🌻

Tragedy and Hope

Today of all days, as our nation grieves for the children of Texas, we need to remember and help find those who are missing. While we unfortunately know where these young ones are, there are many missing ones we may still help find and... Read More.

Thank You and Goodbye, Skate Deck

I lived about 5 minutes from the Everett Skate Deck for most of my childhood. That meant countless birthday parties, school events, and general hangouts were a staple for me and many other children, teens,... Read More.

Know CPR? Use Your Skills to Help Your Community

Sudden cardiac arrest is fast acting and first responders can’t always arrive at the scene instantaneously. Those minutes between the 911 call and the ambulance arriving can mean all the difference in a victim’s survival. This is where the PulsePoint app... Read More.