Everyone Gets Broadband

The Washington State Department of Commerce Broadband Office has granted $16,713,615 to expand broadband access on the SR-530 corridor in Snohomish County. “This grant from the Washington State Broadband Office will be transformative for our families, businesses, and educators in Snohomish County, especially those still... Read More.

Get those Abandoned Boats Out of Here!

Six owner abandoned derelict vessels were removed in 2021 thanks to the cooperation between Snohomish County and the City of Everett. The removals totaled more than 100 cubic yards of marine debris, which helped eliminate pollutants while also improving the safety of boaters.

FOOD RECALLS – What to Know and How to Check

Being a media source, we receive numerous new releases from dozens of agencies, including food recall notices. These used to be seldom but as of late seem to be increasingly frequent. Lesser ones we try to get up on Facebook. There are a few current... Read More.

COVID, Vaccinations, Kids and Total Confusion

Everyone’s heads are spinning. The constant updates and what to believe are frustrating at best. You have CDC guidance, government mandates that vary by state, federal authorities, and now an emergency Supreme Court case. What to think and do. The CDC has issued... Read More.

ZOOM Meetings and School – Good or Bad

  Two years into a pandemic resurging with the Ormicron variant, everyone still struggles with how to work and go to school. Enter ZOOM (and other online platforms), which became the standard for students and businesses. A new research study from Washington State University provides some... Read More.


COVID Test Line With everyone very concerned about the resurgence of COVID-19 with the new Omicron variant, the demand for testing is also increasing.  Click the link above for  a video in Everett of the lineup to get tested.  There are lots of options. Please... Read More.

Hummingbirds and Freezing Weather

I touched a hummingbird last night, and in the process learned something. I have been feeding them for years, and though they usually migrate south to Mexico for the winter, they will stay year-round with a dependable supply of nectar. They can fly for... Read More.