Foo Fighters held a streaming concert Sunday, during which they revealed who will be the band’s new drummer following the death of Taylor Hawkins in March 2022.

Showing that they haven’t lost their sense of humor following what they’ve called “the most difficult and tragic year that our band has ever known,” the Foos began the stream faking out viewers with a trio of big-name drummers — Red Hot Chili PeppersChad Smith, Mötley Crüe‘s Tommy Lee and Tool‘s Danny Carey — showing up at the studio for a quick chat before leaving. The camera then turned around to reveal the true new Foos drummer sitting behind the kit: Josh Freese.

An acclaimed and prolific session drummer, Freese has played with bands including Nine Inch Nails, Guns N’ Roses, A Perfect Circle and The Offspring. He also was one of the many guest drummers to sit in with the Foos during their massive tribute concerts to Hawkins last September.

The set for the stream featured the live debut of “Rescued,” “Under You,” “Nothing At All,” songs off the upcoming Foos album But Here We Are, their first record since Hawkins’ death. They also played classics including “All My Life” and “Monkey Wrench,” and closed with “Aurora,” which was Hawkins’ favorite Foo Fighters song.

But Here We Are drops June 2. Foos will launch a U.S. tour May 24 in Gilford, New Hampshire.

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