David Lee Roth appears to be giving his seal of approval to a recent cover of the Van Halen classic “Jump.”

The rocker just shared a black-and-white video featuring footage of him at various New York locations, set to Alex Melton’s recent acoustic alt-pop indie rock cover of “Jump,” which was Van Halen’s only #1 song.

Melton is known for his YouTube videos in which he takes popular songs and reworks them in different musical genres. He described his take on “Jump” as “If Jump by Van Halen was written for Millennials.”

Back in December Roth shared his own solo take on “Jump,” which he recorded live at Henson Studios in Los Angeles. It was one of several Van Halen songs he rerecorded, including “You Really Got Me,” “Dance The Night Away,” “Panama” and “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.”


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