Journey’s classic track “Anyway You Want It” plays a central role in a new promo clip for the upcoming Ryan Gosling/Emily Blunt film The Fall Guy.

In a new video, titled Marketing The Fall Guy: Carpool, Gosling is instructed by his director to pick up some stunt guys “for a like Carpool karaoke” thing, but he is not at all happy when he finds out they aren’t singing in it.

“No singing? Not even like Journey?” asks Ryan, who doesn’t actually listen and cranks up “Anyway You Want It.”

While picking up three stunt guys — Logan Holladay, Ben Jenkin and Troy Brown — they have some fun singing to the tune. They also show off their impressive stuntman skills.

The clip ends with the director telling them they have to do it again because they don’t have the rights to the song, but it sounds like Journey isn’t at all upset about it. They reshared the video on social media, writing, “Too Cool ! Anyway you want It.”

Meanwhile, another classic rock tune will be featured on the soundtrack to The Fall Guy — but with an update. KISS’ “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” has been covered by Yungblud for the film.

The Fall Guy hits theaters May 3, with the soundtrack being released the same day. So far, there’s no word on what other songs will be featured on the album.

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