As much fun as Metallica had playing the Power Trip festival, frontman James Hetfield might’ve had an even better time watching fellow headliner Judas Priest take the stage.

You may have seen viral footage of Hetfield shredding air guitar during Priest’s performance of “Living After Midnight,” or Metallica’s Instagram post of him and guitarist Kirk Hammett rocking out while standing between the crowd barricade and the stage.

In the latest episode of the weekly Metallica Report podcast, Hetfield reflects on his Power Trip experience.

“I just kind of realized that we’re down in the very front looking up, you got Rob Halford riding out on a motorcycle, and there’s fans behind us looking at us,” Hetfield shares. “They’re watching us enjoy that. How cool?”

“We’re fans, at the end of the day,” he adds. “We wanted to be in the mix and see it.”

Power Trip also featured Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Tool and AC/DC, who played their first live show in seven years at the festival.

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