(NEW YORK) — Attention all Croissan’wich fans: There’s a new carb contender hitting the breakfast menu at Wendy’s.

The fast food chain announced its latest a.m. innovation on Tuesday, launching two new English Muffin Sandwiches. Customers can choose between oven-baked applewood smoked bacon or a savory grilled sausage patty, topped with American cheese.

McDonald’s has long been known for its iconic Egg McMuffin and two subsequent English muffin sandwich offerings, but Wendy’s believes its recipes will set it apart.

The culinary development team said it tested 60 recipe variations over a year and a half to get the perfect product.

“We have high standards for what ultimately makes it onto our menu,” John Li, global vice president of culinary innovation for Wendy’s, said in a statement.

He added that the muffins are “made with a touch of honey and topped with a savory buttery spread” before adding the fresh cracked eggs and meat of choice “for the perfect harmony of breakfast flavors.”

Wendy’s currently offers other items like the Breakfast Baconator, Homestyle French Toast Sticks, and Frosty Cream Cold Brew during morning menu hours.

The English Muffin Sandwiches hit menus nationwide on Aug. 22 and Wendy’s is offering $2 off any breakfast combo — including the new English Muffin Sandwiches — through Sept. 3.

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