(NEW YORK) — This year, Halloween will be more special than ever with the appearance of a rare blue moon.

While it is called a blue moon, the moon won’t actually appear blue. The phrase refers to the time when a second full moon occurs in one month.

According to NASA, a blue moon occurs about seven times every 19 years.

To celebrate the rare occurrence, nail brand Essie has launched a new collection.

The brand’s Blue Moon 2020 Collection features six shimmery nail polishes perfect for Halloween night.

The shades include “Once in a Blue Moon,” “So Stellar,” “Payback’s a Witch,” “Like a Charm” and “Broom with a View.”

“Once in a Blue Moon” is a shimmery navy blue with reflective sparkles while “Broom with a View” is a shimmery deep purple with reflective green and blue.

The shades are designed to shine as bright as the moon will on Oct. 31.

The limited-edition collection is available for $9 at Target in stores and online until November 2020.

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