(NEW YORK) — First the Choco Taco, now the Good Humor Toasted Almond Ice Cream Bar?!

It’s officially peak ice cream season with summer in full swing, but there will be one less nostalgic treat at grocery stores after Good Humor confirmed this week that its iconic cake crumb-coated Toasted Almond Ice Cream Bars have been discontinued.

The ice cream brand, owned by Unilever, confirmed this week that its longtime offering, which debuted over 60 years ago, has officially been removed from production.

Fans of the nostalgic flavor have taken to Twitter and even Change.org to petition to keep the toasted almond flavor around.

“While we don’t have plans on bringing them back, we’ll let our team know you’d like to see them return,” a representative for the brand wrote on Twitter in response to a disappointed consumer.

The almond flavor was removed from the Good Humor lineup as of June 2022, around the same time Klondike announced it stopped making the Choco Taco, which took over headlines and social media feeds, even inspiring homemade copy cat recipes.

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