(NEW YORK) — It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as local businesses across the country find ways to give back to their community during this difficult year.

In Manitowoc, Wisconsin, “Metal Art of Wisconsin” has decided to donate its handcrafted American flag wall designs to servicemen and women all over the country.

The metal art manufacturer is run by father-son team Shane and Justis Henderson, who started the company in 2013. It now employs 30 people.

Father Shane Henderson said that the entire team is part of the family.

“2020 has been quite challenging, and when all of this is over, we’re going to be closer as a company and closer as a family,” said Shane Henderson.

Authenticity50 is a bedding and home goods company based in California. Husband and wife Jimmy and Steph McDonald co-founded the company, and said that this year, local communities are more important than ever.

“This year is different because once again we’re reminded why ‘Made in America’ is so important. Supporting those domestic jobs. Local communities across the country have become more important than ever,” said Steph McDonald, who added that the company takes pride in growing, sourcing and manufacturing every product on U.S. soil.

The McDonalds have since used their bedding fabric to make masks, which has helped keep their workers employed during these turbulent times.

They’ve now donated more than 20,000 masks to front-line workers across the county.

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, 15-year-old Layla Wallace began a bakery called Layla’s Cool Pops. She currently employs five workers and the customers keep coming in.

Wallace has donated more than $3,000 in sales to help her community during this difficult time.

“I give back to the community because some of us aren’t as fortunate as each other … and so it’s my responsibility to give back with the gifts and the blessings that I’ve gotten and help others,” said Wallace. “I am so proud that my products are made locally and in America.”

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