(NEW YORK) — Zappos says the company is starting a program to offer singe and different-size shoes to provide a more inclusive shopping space for people with physical differences and disabilities.

The company announced its Single and Different Size Shoes Test Program Tuesday under the Zappos Adaptive brand, where shoppers can buy shoes that are fashionable, but also functional.

This new offering will give people a place to purchase single shoes or shoes of different sizes paired together.

“The Single and Different Size Shoes Test Program is very close to our hearts — we wanted our community to know that we heard them, and continue to listen and innovate based on their needs and wants,” Dana Zumbo, business development manager for Zappos Adaptive, said in a statement. “Customer service is our number one goal, and we’re endlessly committed to ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own shoe or shoes.”

In an Instagram post, the company revealed that this new program came as a result of feedback from the community.

Top brands, such as Nike, Converse and New Balance, all will be available through this new initiative, and shoppers can select their desired items at no extra cost. Also, half of a pair is half the price.

The Single and Different Size Shoe Test Program is launching as a test initially with a small number of styles, and available for everyone from toddlers to adults in medium to extra extra wide sizes. Prices start as low as $17.50.

Zappos Adaptive teamed up with comedian, author and para-athlete Josh Sundquist to support their new platform.

He said in a statement, “I’m so excited about this program. As an amputee, I’ve never been able to buy a single shoe before, so this is a game-changing moment for amputees and people with disabilities.”

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