Father’s Day gifts nationwide being ‘Made in America’

(NEW YORK) -- Across the country, companies are using locally sourced, U.S.-based materials to make the perfect gift for dad this Father's Day. Leatherman Tools in Portland, Oregon, makes multi-tools that can cut, slice and saw. Founded in 1983, co-founder Tim Leatherman still works on... Read More.

Rental car scams on the rise

(NEW YORK) -- With more Americans planning to hit the road this summer, the number of travelers seeking to rent a car is bound to rise. But given the ongoing car shortage, the inventory available to customers is limited and scammers are now taking... Read More.

How to shop summer sales like a pro

(NEW YORK) -- The countdown to the summer sales extravaganza, also known as "summer Black Friday," is underway. As we gear up for the big event, there can be much to navigate due to the simultaneous sales from mega retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target... Read More.