This is Jet City: Elpis and Wood

Elpis and Wood. It's a name that catches your eye--it stands out along Grand Avenue, different than the other names that border the street. But it all make sense when you walk inside, and especially when you meet the owner--Blake Paine. Elpis means "hope" in Greek, and... Read More.

Boeing at Hearth and Helm

Globally, Boeing has had a substantial impact. You will not find a degree within the compass rose which Boeing has not graced by virtue of economic impact, travel, or industrial innovation. A father of two from Seoul is just as likely to have flown on... Read More.

A Preview to Paine Field Aviation Day

(Photos by Nathan Senff) The Historic Flight Foundation is located in the hanger at the top of Bernie Webber Drive and is the home to many historic aircraft on display this weekend.    Written by: Nathan Senff Community members have an opportunity to see and learn about... Read More.