The following is an Editorial by Andrew Skotdal, Co-owner with brother Craig of The Everett Post, KRKO and KXA Radio Stations in Everett, WA My dad, and likely your grandparents grew up when the polio virus was stalking children. Unable to walk, and with loss of... Read More.

The North Sound Is Heating Up: Increasing Temps Continue

Your favorite TV weather anchor usually includes the daily normal or statistical average high or low temperature in their presentation. The averages they offer come from what are called 30-year averages and those 30-year averages just got updated. Just last month, new 30-year averages for... Read More.

Waterfront Place Apartments Now Open

On July 16, 2020, a four-alarm fire engulfed the uncompleted south building of the Waterfront Place Apartments turning the first waterfront housing development in Everett’s history into rubble. 10-months and $30 million in damages later, the... Read More.

Looking Good For Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up this weekend. I often get asked – does it always rain during this 3-day holiday weekend? Sometimes, it sure feels like it. We all tend to remember those soggy camping trips or when our outdoor activities got wet. So... Read More.

Memorial Day Weekend Travel Information

With last year’s Memorial Day Weekend being a stay-at-home event with the expanding pandemic, this year’s is looking much different. With the growing number who are now fully vaccinated, many more people are going to hit... Read More.