New Fire Chief to be Sworn in Jan 11, 2017

Eric Hicks, who is currently serving as an assistant chief and fire marshal within Everett Fire, will be sworn in on January 11, 2017 in the wake of the retirement of current Chief Murray Gordon. He takes on this new position... Read More.

A Meal Out With Joe: Normanna Lodge #3

The young couple across the table from us anxiously waited for their breakfast to be served.The woman said, "My dad used to take us here for breakfast almost every month when we were growing up." We were in the makeshift cafeteria... Read More.

Cast Your Vote in SnoCo

Due to the exceptionally high number of state and local measures contained in the Snohomish County ballot, remember to add postage totaling $0.68 if you’re returning your ballot via mail. Per the usual, the Post Office will forward any ballots with... Read More.

Famous Ghosts of Everett

David Dilgard is rich with knowledge of Everett and its past. With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to learn a bit about any past ghostly experiences within the city limits and figured that a chat with the Everett Library... Read More.

2 Bits and More of Arlington Lost to Fire

While the source of the fire is still under investigation, investigators have concluded that 2 Bits And More of the downtown Arlington business district is a complete loss, which includes a cave in at the back. As it goes with major... Read More.

Carleton Farms, A 50 Year Tradition of Family

A young starry-eyed couple holding hands, a father with two spunky sons pushing a wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins. Today, a charter bus filled with energetic millennial retail professionals getting some organic inspiration for their upcoming holiday sales season. And all around... Read More.

Snohomish County Apples

Yea, I really like Them Snohomish Apples! I’m a Dakota gal. But today I became licensed to drive, and a registered voter in Washington State. I-5 traffic aside, I love everything about Western Washington in general; and Snohomish County, in particular. I... Read More.