On Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, Jimmy revealed he may host the Oscars for a fifth time.

If he does, he has former President Donald Trump to thank.

The former president became a punchline during Kimmel’s last stint as Academy Awards host, thanks to Kimmel reading Trump’s mid-show pan of Jimmy’s job as host.

On Wednesday, for apparently no specific reason, the former commander-in-chief went after Kimmel’s “horrendous performance” again, insisting Kimmel’s wife and producers “begged” Jimmy not to read the Truth Social post on air.

Trump also claimed the show ended with Kimmel suffering a “CLASSIC CHOKE” when revealing the winner of the Best Picture trophy.

Kimmel went on to fact-check Trump’s Truth Social post point by point, including the fact that it was Al Pacino, not Kimmel, who read Oppenheimer’s name after a bit of a stumble. “I didn’t even touch the envelope,” Jimmy said, laughing.

Reading the conclusion, which said Kimmel will go down in history “AS THE WORST EVER HOST OF THE VAUNTED ACADEMY AWARDS,” Jimmy countered saying, “That must be why they asked me to host again next year — which I wasn’t going to do, but now I might.”

Kimmel couldn’t believe that Trump was “the only person still talking about this joke” from five weeks ago, adding, “My parents don’t even care anymore” that he hosted the show.

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