(LOS ANGELES) — During a break from shooting new Jeopardy! shows — evidenced, he says, by the goatee he’s grown — Alex Trebek gave fans a health update, and announced some new installments of his game show. 

The beloved, ever-optimistic host, who’s battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, noted he’s “doing well,” with his treatment for the disease. “It is paying off,” Trebek says. “Though it does fatigue me a great deal,” he adds. 

Trebek, who turns 80 July 22, explains, “My numbers are good, feeling great.” He adds, “in fact, during a break from the studio I even wrote a book, which is coming out July 21.” 

Before advising his fans to say safe, Trebek noted, “I can’t wait to return to the studio to begin recording new shows for the new season in September.”

Jeopardy!, which has always taped far in advance of its air dates, shot installments without an audience months ago, due to the fact Trebek’s chemotherapy has left his immune system particularly vulnerable to illness.

The show host also revealed he’s been shooting intros at home for a series of “best of” shows airing in July.

“For the first time ever, we have opened the Jeopardy! vaults…including the very first episode I hosted, mustache and all,” he jokes.

By Stephen Iervolino
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