An Australian bakery found viral fame thanks to a TikTok of its topical creation: a doughut made to look like a hand, middle finger extended, missing the first part of the digit.

The goodie was made to spoof the Johnny Depp trial and the gnarly injury the Pirates of the Caribbean star claims he suffered when his ex-wife, Amber Heard, threw a vodka bottle at him.

“We’re sending Amber Heard a dessert box,” a narrator says in the video, which has been liked more than 610,000 times. “We cut off the finger with a vodka bottle, and we’ll send that to her, too,” the narrator says, packing the pastry with a miniature bottle of the booze.

Showing off the severed sweet, the employee says, “And we’re sending Johnny this piece.” The video was tagged #justiceforjohnnydepp, which has trended since the former couple’s ongoing defamation case began.

The narrator clearly got a kick out of it, but making light of the alleged domestic abuse struck some flat. “Tone deaf,” one viewer said. “Jokes about dv have never been funny,” another commented.

Still, many more had a laugh about it, with one pro-Johnny commenter adding darkly, “missed the perfect opportunity to poison the donut.”

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