Holy identity theft, Batman! The visual effects YouTubers known as the Corridor Crew have struck again, this time using their digital know-how to insert the late Adam West and the Rogues Gallery from the kitchy 1966 movie Batman into the trailer for Matt Reeves‘ hit The Batman.

The gang grabbed clips of West, his Penguin, Burgess Meredeth, and Frank Gorshin‘s classic Riddler, and digitally inserted them into the coming attraction. For good measure, Burt Ward‘s Robin also makes an appearance, as does the Batcopter, and the classic Batmobile, which has been swapped for the muscle car driven by Robert Pattinson in the hit reboot.

The results are both impressive and hysterical: A clip of West dancing in the old film, for example, was recycled to appear as if he’s taking down a hallway full of gunmen. Meanwhile, Colin Farrell‘s impressive turn as Penguin was swapped with footage of Burgess Meredith’s constant quacking as the same character.

The Corridor gang’s video went viral over the weekend, with nearly 775,000 views and counting as of late Monday morning. And Reeves himself weighed in Monday, saying, “HA! This is amazing!”

The Corridor Crew’s YouTube channel specializes in analyzing — and sometimes improving — visual effects as seen in classic, and sometimes not so classic, films.

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