It’s the beginning of the end for Better Call Saul. The critically acclaimed Breaking Bad prequel series debuts the first episodes of its final season tonight on AMC.

Michael Mando has played drug cartel soldier Nacho Varga since season one, and he tells ABC Audio the final season changes everything, even the show that came before it.

“I think to me, it was the most satisfying ending for every character, that I’ve seen. And you’ve got the biggest Breaking Bad Easter eggs that you can dream of are back here in this season. And you’ve got answers for Breaking Bad,” he shares. “We can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Luckily for Mando, and for fans, the wait is over, and according to Patrick Fabian, who plays lawyer Howard Hamlin in the series, Saul Goodman’s chief nemesis, the final season doesn’t waste any time getting to the action.

“They really pushed a lot of balls up to the mountaintop, and this season is all about just going dink dink dink and watching them… careen down the hill. And so the payoffs that come, you know, there’s a wonderful pacing of stuff that happens pretty fast and furiously that gets your attention,” Fabian explains.

Not only will the season grab your attention, Tony Dalton, who plays drug cartel boss Lalo Salamanca says, “All the questions that the fans have, all the doubts about what’s going to happen to all these characters is definitely, you know, it’s definitely solved.”

“Everything comes to an end in some way or another,” he adds.

In other words, the final season is epic.

“Operatic, tragic, larger than life. One hell of a rollercoaster ride, man,” Mando teases.

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