(LOS ANGELES) — While many chose to celebrate Father’s Day with a touching personal note about their dads, Drew Barrymore opened up about what it was like being the child of a famous actor, John Drew Barrymore.

Choosing to detail how her father’s mistakes taught her how to be a better parent, the Santa Clarita Diet star didn’t hold back her complicated feelings for the elder Barrymore.

“My mom chose a wild card for my dad. He was a mad poet hedonist man child,” she penned on Sunday while posting a photo of the two walking with his arm around her. “But I understood that as a kid.”

Assuring that she has “zero baggage or dad issues,” the 45-year-old confessed, “But his wildness runs through me. His gifts are here. His demons to overcome are mine to break!”

While detailing his shortcomings, Barrymore also assured, “I love him not for who I wanted him to be, but for who he was”

“And as I look at all the photos of dads today, doing their dad job, sure, there is my tiny self that wished for him to fit in. But he never did,” The Charlie’s Angels alum detailed. “And I’m not sure I did either. And I’m not sure what anything is supposed to look like, or what it really is beyond the images?!”

What she does know, however, is “both my parents have played a major role in who i am as a parent. And none of it looks perfect.”  

While noting that her family is built on the pillars of “love,” “togetherness” and “availability,” Barrymore also revealed what is perfect about her family and her father.

“My dad gave me the gift of life!  A wicked sense of humor! And that wildness that I truly do cherish,” she concluded.

By Megan Stone
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