(NEW YORK) — Friday marks a big day for Hamilton fans.  Anyone with a Disney+ account will be able to watch the 11-time Tony Award-winning musical from the comfort of their home.

A filmed version of the stage show arrives July 3, giving fans who hadn’t seen Hamilton on Broadway the chance to finally experience it.

As for those who had the pleasure of watching the critically acclaimed musical, they’re just as excited about the big news.

Two such people are Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, co-writers of all of the Frozen songs and Broadway buffs who know a thing or two about the Great White Way. 

When it was first announced that Hamilton would be hitting the streaming service, concerns flared that it marked the end of live theater performances.  However, Kristen believes the opposite will happen.

“I don’t think [theater is] ever gonna go away,” she tells ABC Audio. “I think it’s only going to be enhanced by spreading the word that these musical stories are really magical.  You should come experience them yourself without a fever.”

Not only that, Kristen thinks adding Hamilton to Disney+ will usher in a brand new era for musicals. 

“Tommy Kail directed it himself so that you’re getting sort of a hybrid between live theater and the musicals that come to you live from L.A. that are specially geared toward camera,” He explained. “I think it’s gonna be really a thrilling new beginning of something.”

Her husband Bobby furthered, “It’s a wonderful way to experience it if you don’t have the money to go see it or whatever,” adding that Disney+ will now allow even more people to support Hamilton and experience its culture.  “So I think it’s important.” 

By Megan Stone and Jason Nathanson
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