The gang is back together in Jurassic World Dominion, out today. 

Jeff Goldblum returns as chaos theory specialist Dr. Ian Malcolm. It’s a world where dinosaurs now roam freely, interacting with humans, but is that a world Goldblum would want to live in?

“No,” he tells ABC Audio with a laugh. “I feel like I have experienced it. It’s amazing and sometimes unpleasant.” 

JWD is the first in the franchise since the original in 1993 to reunite Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill, and Goldblum says it felt like “I’d been drenched and purged with dopamine.”

“We had an amazing experience with Steven Spielberg 30 years ago, and so getting back together with them was just great and rich in nostalgia and current focused, vibrant, robust, creative attack.” 

Even with the reunion, don’t expect the film to be dripping in nostalgia.

Director Colin Trevorrow explains, “I have to take the risk of telling a new story because when you watch all six of these movies together, if you’re a kid born today, you’re not going to know nostalgia when it comes to any of this.”

There may not be nostalgia, but what runs through the entire franchise is a message about environmentalism. 

“This movie is very much about humility in the face of nature’s power,” Trevorrow shares.

“The fact that we made it during this pandemic where we were all very afraid as to whether we were going to survive the future, creates a tone in the film… that all of these characters are not really sure if the future is going to be better than the past,” he says. “And I like the we end on a note of hope in the idea that we actually can survive if we learn to coexist and we move forward together.”

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