Super Bowl spot for Uber Eats reunites Friends former love interests David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston — but the latter seems to have forgotten about Ross and Rachel. 

The gist of the ad has people remembering that Uber Eats can also deliver everyday items — at the expense of other important information. 

In Aniston’s segment, she’s on a movie set when an assistant brings her the goods she’s Ubered and admits she’s forgotten you can do that. “You know what they say,” Aniston says. “You gotta forget something else, make a little room.” 

Just then, Schwimmer happily approaches Aniston and goes in for a hug, which she rebuffs. “Have we met?” she asks. “Gimme a hint.” 

Schwimmer replies, “Worked together for ten years.”

“Ten years!” she replies. “You were great.”

Exasperated, Schwimmer says, “You still don’t know, do you?” 

They separate, and Aniston says to herself with a laugh, “Yeah, like I’d forget 10 years of my life.”

Schwimmer, peeved, then says to himself, “I hate this town.” 

The spot has other stars being equally forgetful: Jelly Roll is confused as to how his face tats got there, and Victoria Beckham forgets the name of the girl group that made her famous, The Spice Girls. “Pepper ladies?” her husband, David Beckham offers, confused. “Paprika girls?” she struggles.

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