Kel Mitchell knows that reboots are hot right now and is wondering what that means for Good Burger.

ABC Audio caught up with the comedian recently at 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut, and discussed a modern remake of the beloved 1997 film. If Mitchell had it his way, he’d want a darker re-imagining.

Citing the grittier versions of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the Archie comics, he remarked, “A darker version of Good Burger will be very interesting. I would love to see that.” He took note of the Fresh Prince reboot, Bel-Air, commenting, “That was really, really, really deep. They showed a dramatic side. So a dramatic side of Good Burger would be funny.”

Mitchell flirted with the possibility of bringing on horror master Jordan Peele to put a twisted spin on the Nickelodeon film, saying, “That would be great! A Jordan Peele Good Burger? I love it.”

The 43-year-old actor said he and his co-star Keenan Thompson “always talked about” doing a reboot, but admitted that they don’t have any say whether or not a dark version of the comedy will ever come to be. “It’s in the fans hands,” he explained. “Hit up Paramount!…Let them know.”

Lori Beth Denberg, another Good Burger alum, agreed that a reboot is overdue, and proposed a project focusing on the son of Mitchell’s character, Ed.  

When asked about the idea of the show taking a more sinister route, Denberg mused over the possibility of her character, Connie, being not-so-nice. “If it’s very dark, maybe I’d be mysterious and in the shadows, but you’d still know it’s me because of my crazy voice,” she posed. “Maybe I murdered someone. Or maybe I didn’t! We’ll have to see.” 

Good Burger is now streaming on Netflix.

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