While Kenan Thompson previously commented about the Quiet on Set allegations made about his former Good Burger and All That producer Dan Schneider, apparently he had more to say.

Thompson had told the Tamron Hall Show in part, “It’s definitely tough to watch because I have fond memories of that place.”

But in a new conversation with Variety, he admitted, “I feel so guilty saying that.”

In the documentary, former stars and Schneider’s former colleagues accused him of bullying and having kid actors perform inappropriate material.

Kenan continued, “All those things started happening after our tenure, because … no one would even dare. It wasn’t that kind of environment. There was no dictatorship about it all.”

The funnyman, who previously starred in the 2004 movie adaptation of Bill Cosby‘s character Fat Albert, also said, “The separation of the artist and the man conversation didn’t come into my life at all until recently. There was no need to do that. A guy was a pig, and we knew he was a pig, but it wasn’t like the deviousness since, like, Cosby and [Harvey] Weinstein. All that s*** is just way out of bounds. If people were like that, it’s coming to the light, and that’s great.”

Kenan noted, “The trauma is real, the victims are very real. I don’t want to gloss over that. We also don’t want to just throw really solid, creative things in the trash, either.”


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