What do you do when your private plane can’t whisk you and your entourage to Vegas for your glamorous birthday bash? Kim Kardashian and her crew experienced that first-world problem Saturday night, and she solved the snafu by hitting up an In-N-Out.

As Kim detailed on an Instagram Story, she, as well as her sister Khloé, her mom Kris and their friends, were dressed to the nines and ready to party for the reality show queen and entrepreneur’s 42nd birthday at the Vegas eatery Carbone, before taking in Usher: My Way at the Dolby Live venue.

Next to a photo of herself emerging from a “party bus to nowhere” wearing shimmery satin pants and a matching bikini top, Kim wrote, “tried to land twice at two difference [sic] airports and it was too dangerous so safety first always and we flew home…”

Dangerous wind conditions crimped the star’s party plans, so back in Los Angeles, they instead decamped, undaunted, to the famous burger joint. Wearing a feathered boa to cover her famous curves, Kim and company chowed down on In-N-Out burgers and cheese fries, instead of Carbone’s high-end Italian fare.

Incidentally, Kim’s Kardashians crew made it to the show ahead of her and got to enjoy Usher — who saw Kim’s IG posts and sent her a special Instagram birthday message inviting her to reschedule to come see his show any time.

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