(NEW YORK) — If you were confused about the gasp that happens at the end of Hamilton — you aren’t alone. Hopefully, the latest from the play’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda can help provide a bit of insight.

The scene in question happens during the ending number “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” where Miranda walks behind Eliza (Phillipa Soo) during the final notes of the song, and she gasps at the very end.

Miranda’s additional commentary of the iconic show’s ending comes after TikTok user Mallory Ellis dished out her theory behind the perplexing moment. 

“There are some debates about what this scene is about at the end. People don’t know understand what the ending means,” she begins. 

“So when he goes behind her, he’s no longer Alexander, he’s Lin. He takes Eliza’s hand, he lets her know it’s okay to go. That’s Lin, he’s playing himself. He’s guiding her to the top of the stage. She breaks the fourth wall. She sees that he told her story. BOOM. That’s why I cry guys,” she concludes. 

A Twitter user proceeded to share the video on Twitter and tagged the 40-year-old playwright to which he issued a response. 

“*Spoilers* It’s a lovely notion… but it breaks down the moment I’m not playing the role (how I wish you could see [Javier Muñoz] or [Jon Rua], who also played Ham that first year!),” he tweeted. “The Gasp is The Gasp is The Gasp. I love all the interpretations.”

By Danielle Long
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