The new comedy series Loot kicks off Friday on Apple TV+ and opens with Maya Rudolph‘s socialite Molly enjoying all the trappings of having a dashing billionaire husband — until she finds out he’s been cheating on her with a much younger woman. 

With an $87 billion divorce settlement in hand, but no direction in her life, Molly gets an unexpected call from Sofia, played by Pose Emmy winner Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, the no-nonsense head of a charitable foundation that Molly doesn’t even know she technically runs. 

Sofia needs to make sure the money keeps flowing to various charities — and that Molly’s globe-trotting rebound tour stops embarrassing the nonprofit.

“It’s a little bit of a … fish out of water for Molly, for sure,” SNL vet Rudolph tells ABC Audio.

“And I think that … pairing people together who would never spend any time together just immediately allows you to have endless possibilities of things going wrong, which is always a great place to start for comedy, obviously.”

Rodriguez, agrees, contrasting the “free-spirited” Molly to her dedicated character, Sofia, who doesn’t have time for Molly’s shenanigans — like giving women at a domestic abuse shelter designer-curated SWAG bags.

“I just like that they’re just totally polar opposites,” Rodriguez says. “You would never expect for these two to be in the same place together. And yet they are. They’re an odd couple, for sure.” 

Rudolph jokes, “It’s The Odd Couple 2.0.”

Rodriguez revealed it was hard to constantly act peeved opposite Rudolph “because she is actually a sweetheart.”

“It’s a challenge in general to be in front of a legendary icon,” she adds, “and you have to play this character that is no B.S. So, yeah, it’s hard, but I like the … challenging.” 

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