The highly rated iCarly reboot returns for its second season Friday, and the show’s cast is thrilled the original fans love the revival.

Nathan Kress, who returns as Freddie, admitted that he was worried fans wouldn’t like the reboot, telling ABC Audio, “The internet loves to be negative and critical about everything…For a show that was so nostalgic to kids as they grew up and so foundational to their lives — while trying to bring it back in a new way? It was high-stakes stuff! The anxiety level was very high.” 

Star Miranda Cosgrove agreed, saying, “It was a lot of pressure. We really wanted people to like it.”

One person not sweating it was Jerry Trainor, who returns as Spencer. “I didn’t doubt us for a second,” he attested. “I was like, ‘Oh, we’re coming back? You’re welcome, America!"”

When the positive reviews arrived, Kress said everyone felt “a wave of relief knowing we did it!” He believes fans love the show because producers were able to balance what fans loved about the original iCarly, while keeping things fresh. “Literally, the math checks out,” he said.

With season one cleared, Cosgrove revealed, “We got to relax a little bit” this time around, and teased some shenanigans the iCarly crew gets into. “There’s a lot of stunts and weird things. I get to hit Jerry the face with the cantaloupe,” she laughed. 

Trainor deadpanned, “I get lit on fire. I sacrifice my body.”

iCarly also amps up the nostalgia factor by bringing back Josh Peck, who starred alongside Cosgrove in her first show, Drake & Josh. She said it “was awesome” bringing Peck into the iCarly crowd.  She revealed he “plays Carly’s manager” and appears on “multiple episodes.”

iCarly is streaming now on Paramount+.

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