(NOTE LANGUAGE) Nick Offerman happily admits to ABC Audio he “has simple tastes”: “As long as I can keep my circulatory system functioning, a meal of meats and, like, scotch, and … throw in some cruciferous vegetables so that you can live to enjoy more steak and scotch.”

To that end, Offerman recently cooked up something that his beloved Parks and Rec character, Ron Swanson, would love.

His partners at the spirits company Lagavulin released the third installment of his gold-medal-winning namesake scotch, but with a twist.

Offerman said, “I said, what if we just aim towards … perfect the beverage to go with a perfectly grilled rib eye? And that’s what we did. And it turned out pretty great,” he adds with a giggle of Lagavulin 11 Year Offerman Edition Charred Cask.

The Pam & Tommy star and husband of Megan Mullally says he shares the wealth from his “benevolent relationship” with the company.

“As soon as you get a job on any show … as soon as you can afford to buy whatever you want … everyone starts sending you free s***.”

He adds with a laugh, “Like the whole time that you need the free stuff, you don’t get it because it’s being sent to Brad Whitford.”

So when he partnered with the brand, he found himself at an impasse. “They said, ‘How many cases of Lagavulin can we send you?’ And I thought, ‘Now, this is more like it."”

But he added with a laugh, “I … immediately realized the last thing I need is a garage full of scotch … I have a happy marriage. I have a work ethic. And I have, you know, a relatively clean bill of health. So when they do send me a box of scotch, I usually give it to my friends.”

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