The marriage of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin is apparently getting a reboot.

Just a month after the 54-year-old model and entrepreneur split from the 76-year-old Rocky icon, Page Six reports the couple has patched things up.

“They decided to meet back up at home, where they talked and were able to work out their differences,” a rep tells the publication.

The pair, who recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, agreed, “that is in the best interests of each of them individually, and more importantly collectively as a family, to resolve all issues attendant to the dissolution of their marriage in a dignified, amicable and private manner out-of-court,” according to the rep.

As reported a month ago, the split was already getting ugly, with Flavin accusing Stallone of cutting assets loose prior to a divorce.

Now, however, “they are both extremely happy,” the source tells the publication, which noted Flavin had legally filed an abatement — or an official pause — of the divorce proceedings.

On Monday, Sly posted a picture of the pair holding hands — as well as a throwback photo with their daughters Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20 — which the rep explains was a hint that things were on the rebound in their relationship.

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