This week on The Bachelor, Zach‘s romantic journey took him and the ladies to the Bahamas, where he discovered at least one contestant may not have been there for the right reason.

A group date saw 12 of the women joining Zach for a fun day at the beach, but fun in the sun turned to anger and frustration when Anastasia, seemed to be hogging all the attention, even pulling him away at one point to spend some time alone with him.

Kylee‘s attempt to steal Zach back was met with resistance from Anastasia, leading to a confrontation between the two when Anastasia tried to spin Kylee’s plea not make her have to “fight” Anastasia as a threat of a physical altercation with her.

During a conversation with Zach at the after party, Kylee suggested that, based on a conversations she’d had with one of the other ladies, Anastasia was in the competition to attract Instagram followers, instead of a relationship. Ariel ended up with the date rose and, despite her efforts to convince Zach that her intentions were good, Anastasia was sent packing.

Following the rose ceremony, Davia and Genevie were also sent home.

Elsewhere during a one-on-one date, Brooklyn opened up to Zach about a six-year relationship in which she was the victim of domestic abuse. In a confessional, the 25-year-old Oklahoma native revealed that at one point, she was awakened by police after being knocked out. She eventually gathered the courage to end the relationship and has never looked back. Zach was “blown away” by her courage and offered her the date rose, which she accepted.

Another one-on-one rose went to Katherine — or “Kat” as she prefers to be called.

Here are the 11 women remaining after Monday night’s episode:

Aly, 26, a healthcare strategist from Atlanta, Ga.
Ariel, 28, a marketing executive from New York City, N.Y.
Brooklyn, 25, a rodeo racer from Stillwater, Okla.
Charity, 26, a child and family therapist from Columbus, Ga.
Gabriella “Gabi,” 25, an account executive from Pittsford, Vt.
Greer, 24, a medical sales rep from Houston, Texas. — First Impression Rose
Jessica “Jess,” 23, an e-commerce coordinator from Winter Springs, Fla.
Kaitlyn “Kaity,” 27, an ER nurse from Austin, Texas.
Katherine, 26, a registered nurse from Tampa, Fla.
Kylee, 25, a postpartum nurse from Charlotte, N.C.
Mercedes, 24, a nonprofit owner from Bloomfield, Iowa

The Bachelor returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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