It was down to the final two women on The Golden Bachelor, and this week, Gerry Turner headed to Costa Rica for the fantasy suites.

“I’m in love with both Leslie and Theresa,” Gerry said ahead of his dates. “It’s going to be an incredibly difficult decision to make. I hope that the clarity will come.”

For their date, Gerry took Leslie canyoning through the Costa Rican jungle. Leslie expressed her apprehension at first, but Gerry promised that he’d be there with her every step of the way as they rappelled alongside a waterfall.

“Gerry makes me feel safe,” Leslie said. “Whether it’s jumping off a cliff or sitting around having coffee on a Sunday morning. I’ve never felt somebody like that be there for me.”

During the dinner portion of their date, Gerry brought up an observation he made about the time he’d spent with Leslie, and told her that he’d noticed that she hadn’t asked him any hard questions. He began with a practical one, asking Leslie what she thinks life would look like together and where they would live.

Leslie, who is from Minneapolis, said that while she wouldn’t want to leave her home, she loved Gerry and wanted to be with him, telling him, “We can figure it out.” She also got emotional telling Gerry about her past two marriages and the loneliness she’s experienced over the years.

Dinner ended with a night in the fantasy suite and Gerry telling Leslie that she’s “the one.”

Next, Gerry had a date with Theresa, which included horseback riding through the jungle. Theresa noted that Gerry was being quiet. Gerry told her what was on his mind about not knowing how to navigate the dates that week.

Theresa replied by telling him she understood what he was going through and how much he meant to her.

During dinner, Gerry learned more about Theresa, including her career, her decision to embark on finding love on The Golden Bachelor and more, which helped Gerry see a new side of Theresa he didn’t think was possible.

The evening ended with Theresa saying yes to a night in the fantasy suite with Gerry.

During their evening together, he told Theresa that he loved her, leaving him at a crossroads in his relationships with both women.

“With each of them, I can see a life together,” Gerry said. “This is an impossible task at this moment. Someone is going to come out of this situation hurt beyond what I can’t imagine, and I’m running out of time.”

Despite the difficulties, Gerry said at the end of the episode that he believed he’d made his decision.

Who will Gerry choose? We’ll find out in two weeks when the women meet Gerry’s family and Gerry proposes to the woman he wants to start a new life with on the emotional season finale of The Golden Bachelor.

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