(NEW YORK) — Liz Lemon — a.k.a. Tina Fey — got the band back together on Thursday night as the stars of 30 Rock reunited for a one-hour upfront event called 30 Rock: A One-Time Special.

Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer were also on hand to reprise their respective roles as Jack Donaghy, Tracy Jordan, Jenna Marony and Kenneth Parcell for the special that also served as a preview of NBCUniversal’s 2020-21 season, and a pitch to get viewers to sign up for Peacock, the company’s new streaming service.

The 30 Rock segment — filmed remotely — featured a series of video calls among the characters, who are tasked with bringing back the cast and crew of the show’s fictional sketch show “TGS,” for a sales presentation that Kenneth, now head of NBC, is putting together.

It’s not easy, as everyone has moved on to other things: Jack is retired, Liz has have given up show business to raise a family, Tracy has moved to Canada and Jenna is blacklisted after she “pooped in Mandy Moore’s thermos.”  In addition, Kenneth’s new role as an NBC exec has gone to his head, nearly torpedoing the presentation.

Of course, they all make up by the end, and the presentation is a hit.

In addition to the stars of 30 Rock, the upfront special also featured guest appearances from talent from across its portfolio and platform.

The special will be available to stream Friday on Peacock.

By George Costanino
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