(LOS ANGELES) — Cue the creepy theme music: The iconic series Unsolved Mysteries is back, debuting July 1 with six all-new episodes on Netflix. Prepare to be baffled as you try to wrap your head around each unexplained case — from missing persons to the paranormal.

According to the show’s co-creator and longtime executive producer, Terry Dunn Meurer, the first episode of this season has one of the most haunting cases the show has ever done.

“I think ‘Mystery on the Rooftop,’ which is the first episode, is probably one of the most mysterious cases that we have ever covered,” she tells ABC Audio. “And we have produced over 1,300 cases and mysteries. And this one is just baffling.”

It involves a man who was found dead after falling through the roof of a building, with seemingly no scientific explanation for how he got there.

Other chilling cases this season include a mass UFO sighting in Massachusetts, a senseless death that may have been a hate crime, and a fugitive French father apparently responsible for the deaths of his whole family.

Meurer says the most satisfying cases for her have been the ones they’ve been able to solve — over 260 of them out of 1,300 so far. She hopes that with Netflix’s global reach, they can solve these six cases as well.

“I wish we could solve every case that we haven’t solved,” she says. “…The premise of the show is ‘Someone, somewhere knows the truth. Perhaps you can help solve the mystery.’ We believe that very, very strongly.” 

Six additional episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are expected to debut on Netflix later this year.


By Andrea Tuccillo
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