(LOS ANGELES) — Netflix just dropped the trailer to the second season of its offbeat comic book-based hit The Umbrella Academy. 

The sophomore season shows that the super-powered Hargreeves siblings’ attempt to stop the apocalypse at the end of season one has backfired, scattering them in the 1960s — when, thanks to them, the end of the world is once again imminent. 

This time around, the world-ending event is tied to the impending assassination of JFK, which Klaus, Vanya, Luther, Diego, Five, Ben, and Allison have to stop — all while on the run from Swedish assassins and the ruthless cadre known as the Commission. 

Based on the Dark Horse Comic created by My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Ba, the new season of The Umbrella Academy kicks off July 31.

By Stephen Iervolino
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