By GMA Team, ABC News

(ATLANTA) — An Atlanta couple is inspiring others after losing nearly 200 pounds together.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Camille and Marlon Jones were struggling to get in shape.

“We were in denial for a very long time about how far we let ourselves go,” said Camille, who weighed 205 pounds one year ago.

It wasn’t until Marlon’s physical exam, which revealed that he was pre-diabetic and experiencing sleep apnea, that the couple realized that it was time to make a change.

They decided the best way to get fit would be to do it together.

“We’ve realized that working together as a team is going to be our biggest thing,” said Marlon, who weighed more than 470 pounds at the time.

Camille took over the nutrition side of their weight loss journey and Marlon took charge of the workouts.

By incorporating healthy foods into their diet and making the weight loss process fun with different workouts, the couple started to see visible changes, and even discovered a new love for running.

“We knew we wanted to start running, but we had no idea where to go,” Marlon said. “So we did our first run in a business parking lot. We ran for 2.3 miles around and around the parking lot.”

Camille also got creative in the kitchen, transforming some of their favorite meals by putting a healthy twist on them.

For Marlon’s personal favorite food, nachos, Camille found a way to make the dish healthier by using low-carb tortillas and ground turkey and chicken chorizo instead of fatty meats.

The Joneses credit each other for staying on track to reach their health goals. Since starting their weight loss journey, Camille has lost 40 pounds and Marlon has lost nearly 150 pounds.

Their biggest advice for others this year who are looking to focus on their health is to not doubt yourself.

“Try it before you say you can’t do it,” Camille said. “And most of the time, you’ll find out you can.”

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