(NEW YORK) — On the latest episode of Reba McEntire’s podcast, “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire,” the country legend enlists none other than actor and activist Jane Fonda to share tips on how to thrive while growing older.

During their conversation, the Grace and Frankie actress, 82, shared some personal stories about aging, including her discovery of how important it is to keep a positive mental outlook.

“When people tell me that I look good for my age, I know that a large part of that is because I am at peace. I feel good, you know?” Fonda told the 65-year-old “Fancy” singer. “I feel proud of myself for having worked so hard to become what I am today. To become a better person, and to be able to forgive so many things.”

Of course, not all of her tips for aging well are quite so abstract.

“I use this lotion, it’s Uncle Buds hemp lotion with CBD, and it is cannabis, doesn’t make you high though, but it’s great for aches and pains,” Fonda continued, also citing posture and exercise as two more important reasons why she’s feeling good in her ’80s.

“I didn’t realize this until I was old. I thought it was more important when you were younger to exercise a lot ’cause it was more important to look good,” she explained. “Now it has nothing to do with how you look. It has to do with being able to pick up your grandchildren … being able to drive a car and look back over your shoulder while you’re backing up.”

McEntire’s “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire” podcast is available on Spotify. The country superstar co-hosts the show with Melissa Peterman.

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