(NEW YORK) — Move over toast, avocado has reinvented itself yet again and it could leave other plant-based products green with envy.

That’s right, the high-fiber, healthy fat-filled green fruit is taking its benefits to dairy-free beverages.

Avocadomilk, a preservative free, vegan milk alternative, makes use of the superfood in a liquified form that can be added to smoothies, cereal bowls and more.

“We set out to create an entirely new plant-based milk that is so obvious, everyone says ‘why hasn’t it been done before,"” the Avocadomilk team told ABC News in a statement. “We created it so you could have the superfood and immunity boosting benefits of avocado in your diet everyday.”

Is it good for you?

Dr. Sabina Bera, a resident in the ABC News Medical Unit, explained some of the nutritional highlights of an avocado-based non-dairy beverage product.

“In general, avocados are a healthy fruit. They are a good source for nutrients and fiber,” Bera said. “They also contain fat, but the ‘good kinds’ of fat, and help people feel fuller faster.”

“Eating avocados can also help lower cholesterol,” she added.

Avocadomilk is free of artificial colors and flavors and cholesterol. It’s also non-GMO verified.

How is it made?

To source the creamy green fruit needed to make their Avocadomilk, the team said it buys “the ugly, imperfect fruit.”

“They are perfect on the inside but traditionally command the lowest payment,” the company said. “We pay 20% above market rate to our growers. All the farms we buy from are irrigated with rainwater only: no additional irrigation systems used.”

The bottles used are made from 100% recycled plastic and the labels are made of 100% vegetable inks.

The ingredients list includes water, oats, freeze-dried avocado, water lentil extract, salt, gellan gum and natural flavor.

How does it compare to other non-dairy beverages?

While there are many non-dairy milk alternatives, Bera explained that it would be difficult to compare all the different types with one another in terms of the benefits for each consumer.

“It could be different for each person based on their needs. Plus, avocado milk is relatively new,” she explained of the product that first emerged nearly three years ago. “It would be hard to tell if it is healthier without a study comparing it to other types of milk.”

Bera also encouraged consumers to “look at the nutritional label to get an idea of what other ingredients are in the beverage they are drinking.”

Where do you buy Avocadomilk?

The award-winning product, which was named Best Health and Wellness Beverage at the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards, is available in 200 supermarkets across the U.S. and online, through the company’s website.

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