With all the talk about Boeing moving the 787 project to North Carolina, there are also wonderful things happening at Paine Field which could provide much needed jobs along with the Port of Everett’s new grants for expansion.

Paine Field recently received a FAA AIP grant in the amount of $5.55M toward the rehabilitation of the airport’s Taxiway Echo.  This important aircraft circulation route was last paved in 1989, and this grant will ensure its preservation for the future benefit of airport users.  The project is currently being designed and is expected to be constructed in 2021.

In 2020 Paine Field also received an AIP grant for $2.57M to fund an update to the Airport Master Plan. This plan is expected to take several years to complete, and it will represent the airport’s blueprint for long-term development.  It will provide guidance for the airport to meet future aeronautical demand for the next twenty years or more, while balancing the associated social, economic, and environmental concerns.

Paine Field is in the process of installing new overhead wayfinding signage along Airport Road.  A pair of large monument signs have been installed at the entrance that identify the airport, along with its three-letter identifier (PAE).  The signs have been designed to match the style and appearance of the new terminal building and are intended to provide a visually appealing welcome to new arrivals at the airport.

Marcee Maylin has a degree in Editorial Journalism from the University of Washington and 30+ years media experience. She is currently the Editor of the Everett Post dedicated to providing current, relevant, and entertaining content for the local community.